Inside & Outside Optical Fiber

Inside & Outside Optical Fiber Services

CTIS has years of experience with various fiber optic technologies. We are trained in the proper installation, termination, splicing, maintenance and repair of all types of fiber optic systems, including Fiber to the Desk, Intra-Building, Inter-Building and Campus Backbone Fiber.

These systems may include Multimode, Singlemode, Loose Tube, Tight Buffer, Breakout and Distribution optical fiber types. We are experienced in heat cured, air cured, UV cured and anaerobic epoxy style fiber, along with crimp style, Nordx and Corning no polish style and 3M Hot melt oven style.

CTIS is experienced with systems requiring a number of different fiber types.

• Multimode

• Singlemode

• Loose Tube

• Tight Buffer

• Breakout

• Distribution

CTIS is experienced with the termination and splicing of all types of fiber styles.

• Epoxy Heat Cure

• Epoxy Air Cure

• Epoxy UV Cure

• Epoxy Anaerobic

• Crimp

• No Polish Nordx

• No Polish Corning

• Oven 3M Hot Melt

Fiber Optic System

Fiber Optic Connectors

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