Welcome to CT Integrated Solutions

Welcome to CT Integrated Solutions

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CT Integrated Solutions (CTIS) provides low-voltage infrastructure to a wide variety of commercial, industrial and government customers. We understand information, data and communication are essential for every thriving organization today. These systems must be solid and dependable, yet flexible to meet changing requirements. Data must be secured, protected and trusted, while being accessible to those requiring it. We have years of knowledge, experience and technical skill to meet today's tough demands.

Our services primarily cover 3 areas:

computer and phone cabling    data and fiber networking    video and security systems

These include the design and installation of Cat6, Cat6A, Cat6 Enhanced, VoIP wiring, inside and outside plant optical fiber, security surveillance cameras, facility card access systems, facility paging systems, Sure Call expansion systems and Aiphone systems.

We can provide consulting to determine your requirements and create a cutting-edge working solution through the concept, design, installation and testing process. We also provide maintenance schedules to keep your systems running at peak efficiency.


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Our Services

CT Integrated Solutions Computer, Phone and VoIP Wiring Services

Computer, Phone & VoIP Wiring

CTIS designs, installs and maintains data, telecommunications and video cabling systems, (READ MORE)

CT Integrated Solutions Plant Optical Fiber Services

Inside & Outside Optical Fiber

CTIS has years of experience with various fiber optic technologies and systems. (READ MORE)

CT Integrated Solutions Security Surveillance Camera Services

Security Surveillance Cameras

Having a secure network and data includes having secure facilities. (READ MORE)

CT Integrated SolutionsFacility Card Access Services

Facility Card Access

A secure facility includes incorporating secure entry points to ensure access only by proper personnel. (READ MORE)

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Our Manufacturing Partners

Our expert technical staff and installers are certified with numerous manufacturing partners*. We know what works and more importantly, what doesn't work. We have always insisted on using the highest quality materials and equipment. We also search suppliers for the best price and availability to make sure your project stays on budget and on time.

* The manufacturing partners shown is not a comprehensive list. No endorsements were given by them to our services over any other provider. Contact us for more details.