Computer, Phone & VoIP Wiring

Computer, Phone & VoIP Wiring Services

CTIS designs, installs and maintains data, telecommunications and video cabling systems, including Cat6, Cat6A and Cat6 Enhanced. We offer all aspects of network and data center implementation from consulting and design work to installation and maintenance schedules specifically catered to your needs. Our thorough testing will ensure your systems are running at peak efficiency.

We understand information, data and communication are vital to every organization. Information, data and communication systems must be accessible, dependable, secured, protected and flexible to meet changing needs and future growth.

We offer a multitude of computer, phone and VoIP wiring and cabling systems.

• Data Cabling Systems

• Telecommunications Cabling Systems

• Video Cabling Systems

• Security Cabling Systems

• Riser Cabling Systems

• High Pair Count Cables

• Specialty Cabling Systems

• Custom Cable Assemblies

Cat6 Cable Rack

Cat6 cable bundles

Cable Network Raceway

Cable Bundle Raceway

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