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Infrastructure Services

Computer, Phone and VoIP Wiring Services

Computer, Phone & VoIP Wiring

CTIS designs, installs and maintains data, telecommunications and video cabling systems, including Cat6, Cat6A and Cat6 Enhanced. We offer all aspects of network and data center implementation from consulting and design work to installation and maintenance schedules specifically catered to your needs. Our thorough testing will ensure your systems are running at peak efficiency.

Plant Optical Fiber Services

Inside & Outside Optical Fiber

CTIS has years of experience with various fiber optic technologies. We are trained in the proper installation, termination, splicing, maintenance and repair of all types of fiber optic systems, including Fiber to the Desk, Intra-Building, Inter-Building and Campus Backbone Fiber. These systems may include Multimode, Singlemode, Loose Tube, Tight Buffer, Breakout and Distribution optical fiber types. We are experienced in heat cured, air cured, UV cured and anaerobic epoxy style fiber, along with crimp style, Nordx and Corning no polish style and 3M Hot melt oven style.

Security Surveillance Services

Security Surveillance Cameras

Having a secure network and data includes having secure facilities. CTIS installs and maintains a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial security and video surveillance networks. Our security professionals will help recommend, install and maintain the right security camera system and placements for your facility to reduce security risks.

Facility Card Access Services

Facility Card Access

A secure facility includes incorporating secure entry points to ensure access only by proper personnel. CTIS installs state-of-the-art key card access systems ideal for securing entrances into any building or facility. Most organizations need a reliable solution for securing facilities, guarding sensitive information and protecting employees through monitoring movement of personnel, visitors and maintenance crews.

Paging Systems

CTIS understands every organization has unique paging needs and requirements. These may include a network of intercom paging systems, overhead paging systems and zone paging systems. A professionally installed PA system will involve choosing the right system, proper placement for optimal coverage and integration into existing technology.

Cell Phone Service Expansion

CTIS installs cell phone service expansion systems using Sure Call technology. SureCall cell phone boosters will transform a weak cell signal inside your building into a strong cell signal. It is compatible with all US phone networks and works great inside office buildings, warehouses and larger industrial facilities. You never have to worry about dropped calls or undelivered texts while moving around inside your building.

Aiphone Systems

Aiphone intercom systems can add another layer of security to your entry points. An aiphone system installed by CTIS will help verify the identity of those requesting entry into your building or gate of your property. Aiphone intercom systems offer audio, video and remote door release functions. Features include the ability to record for future reference, provide views from different angles and transfer incoming calls.

Small Electrical Projects

CTIS also provides services for small electrical projects. Whether it involves installing new systems or troubleshooting and repairing issues with your current infrastructure systems.